Belifal Rechargeable Emergency AC/DC LED Tube Light With AC Adapter


Power Consumption : 4W. 400 Lumens. This new cost saving solution is ideal for power failures. This versatile portable Solar LED Tube light can be very useful during your camp, beach, backyard, or even your house during an power outage. The light is also ideal for camping, reading, entertaining, in car use, emergencies and more. It features a built-in long life rechargeable lithium ion battery, which can be also be charged using an included Nokia mobile charger as well as with the included solar panel or even from a power bank. Belifals solar tubelight will last for years and provide bright natural light for your indoor or outdoor activity. It is very is very ideal for camping, rural area, area with frequent power cuts, watchman cabins, emergency lighting, etc. Power Consumption : 5W. 500 Lumens.

  • Turns ON Automatically on power failure due to inbuilt long life lion battery ( Automatic self-lighting mode during no power). Specially Designed Emergency Use Function.
  • Electric Ac charger included. Charging time 8 hours. Power Consumption 4W.
  • This is a must have device for camping, rural area, areas with frequent power cuts, small cabins, etc. It is also an excellent device for use as an emergency light and a decorative bedside lamp. This lamp can also be used as stairway and pathway lights in clubs and societies.
  • Features : A.) Integrated With High Quality Luminent L.E.D ( 12 Watts ), B.) Rechargeable Function, C.) Charging Indicator, D.) Integrated Wall Mount Sockets behind the tube light.
  • Incase for further information you can mail us at or you can call on our helpline number 8080515555/09821072175.


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